Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance

Many times, maintenance of a commercial ice machine in a restaurant or other business is overlooked for more pressing tasks. There are a few simple procedures that can keep a commercial ice machine functioning for much longer than when left alone. 
ice in an ice bin 
Replace water filters every six months.
Water filters are extremely important to extending the life of your machine and should be replaced every six months. A water filter performs three tasks:
ice machine water filter
  • Removes sediment from the water, keeping ice clean and clear in appearance
  • Inhibits scale, which can build up in the machine over time and drastically reduce ice production
  • Removes odor and bad taste, keeping customers happy
Although the filter may not appear to be blocked with sediment after six months, the scale inhibitor and carbon elements (which prevent odor and bad taste) are usually depleted and no longer effective.
Some companies, such as ICE-O-Matic, offer extended warranties at no extra charge when customers replace the filter in their ice machines every six months.

Invest in antimicrobial protection.
Slime and mold growth are another concern with regards to commercial ice machines. Many commercial ice machines have antimicrobial protection built-in to the plastic used in the food-zone areas of ice production and are guaranteed to inhibit the growth of slime and mold for the life of the machine.  
Sanitize your machine regularly.
By regularly changing the water filter and using antimicrobial protection, you are on the right path to keeping your ice machine in good working condition for longer, but there is still no substitute for regular cleaning.
Your ice machine should be emptied and thoroughly sanitized every six months. Clean the machine using a nickel-safe scale remover and an ice machine sanitizer. Some companies, such as Manitowoc, sell automatic cleaning systems that can be set to sanitize your ice maker every two, four or twelve weeks.
Additionally, condenser fins or air filters should be cleaned or replaced every six months. Failure to keep the condenser free from lint and grease build-up will decrease the machine’s ability to breathe and operate at peak capacity, thus reducing the ice production.
By taking the time every six months to clean your machine and change filters and antimicrobial devices, you can greatly increase the life of your machine and drastically decrease the cost of owning an ice machine over time.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Courier Delivary Driver Route Position Opening

Eichenauer Services is seeking a driver for our courier route that provides a delivery service to our southern Illinois branches.

Good driving record
Ability to lift, move, push, and/or up to 75lbs.
Ability to stand, squat, and sit for extended periods.
Willing to submit to a formal background check to include drug test, DMV, and Criminal Background check.

Currently route needs ran at 7:30 AM Monday and Thursday and takes about 5-6 hours. It currently goes Decatur-Effingham-Centralia-Springfield. Could possibly grow to 4 days a week and include a route to our northern branches.

Company will provide vehicle, fuel, and auto insurance.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Do you have a sustainable commercial kitchen?

Do you realize that a commercial kitchen that serves a number of people with food everyday can have an appetite of a huge monster that eats up a lot of energy itself? That’s right, a study shows that the kitchen amounts for more than 50 percent of a restaurants energy and utility bill. However, nearly 40 percent of the usage can be reduced by proper measures.
That is the reason people are now turning towards sustainable ways to make their kitchen greener and cleaner. Yet, when we talk about a green and sustainable kitchen, we are not just speaking of equipment and appliances that run on electricity. There is a lot you can do to make a kitchen sustainable in its true sense. It will not only help you cut cost but also reduce your carbon footprint.
The more responsible you are towards your environment, the more you will try. For starters, however, we have jotted down a few basic ways you can start a sustainable revolution in your commercial kitchen.
  • Switch to Energy Efficient Equipment – You cannot restrict or limit the use of appliances and equipment in a commercial kitchen. While commercial equipments are designed to save time, they are huge power guzzlers. That is why the very first step towards a commercial kitchen involves replacing your normal equipment with Energy Star certified equipment and appliances. It is a onetime investment that can offer long term benefits and a clear conscience.
  • Reduce Water Usage – Like electricity, water is essentially required in commercial kitchens and that too in large quantity. The best way to save on water usage is to regularly check for leakages and faults in connection. Secondly, use equipment designed to function efficiently with less amounts of water. Use pre-rinse spray valves and dishwashers that are certified by organizations such as PACE. These valves can save more than 150 gallons of water per day.
  • Reduce Food Wastage – A recent study showed that nearly half a kilo of food is wasted for every meal served in a restaurant. The food is wasted not just as leftovers, but also during the washing, preparation and cooking process. It is the responsibility of a restaurant to reduce the wastage and amount of leftovers in commercial kitchens. Many restaurants are now focusing on recipes that require minimum food wastage. However, the next step is also necessary to ensure your staff is making the best of those recipes.
  • Train Your Staff – No commercial kitchen equipment is green enough unless it is operated by a well trained and environmentally conscious staff. Training your staff in this aspect should top  your list. Small changes in the way things are handled in the kitchen are capable of introducing big changes. However, it is important to convey to them the reason these changes are required. Use interactive ways to teach and train them. Put charts and reminders where possible. Last but not least, encourage their efforts.
Of course, there is a lot more that is required to be done. However, the aforementioned tips will give you a push start and you will eventually find your commercial kitchen into an environmentally friendly place that isn’t too harsh on the environment or your budget.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Manitowoc Foodservice Launches Resource Library App in iTunes Store

Manitowoc Foodservice is proud to announce the release of our Resource Library App now available in the iTunes store. This app opens the door to quick and easy access to thousands of documents from more than 14 of our brands and places them wherever you are on your iPad.
iTunes previewOur library includes practically every product document associated with a brand in the Manitowoc Foodservice portfolio: Specification sheets, operations manuals, sales literature, CAD symbols and more. Users can locate, read, follow, tag or save documents locally using this one, very handy tool. Plus, it features a built-in PDF reader and an interactive tool that helps you manage your documents for quick access and saving documents right in the app for offline viewing. Document management is easy with our "Tag" feature that allows you to associate documents by project or any product category. A "Follow" function keeps you notified whenever a change is made to a document, including the reason for the change. This app will never be out of date as the app automatically delivers the most current versions of each and every asset it manages.

To download the app for free, click here or visit the iTunes store and search under the business category.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frymaster's New OCF Fryers

 Frymaster's New OCF Fryers

Cost Savings, Green Benefits,
Outstanding Performance, and More...

Frymaster’s new OCF30 Fryers offer the next generation of green benefits and cost savings to the industry. They are made of stainless steel on the outside but their hearts are green on the inside. They are healthier for the environment, customers, workers, and the bottom line. Green benefits range from reduction of oil waste to less energy consumption.

Produce 66% more food per gallon of oil!

Gas or electric, 30 lb. OCF30 Fryers offer the same production capacity as their 50 lb. competitors, yet take 40 percent less oil to fill; resulting in less oil used and less oil discarded into the waste stream. The OCF30’s oil savings is compounded by high-technology features that take the guesswork out of oil management, protect oil quality, and maximize oil life to four weeks or more. Features include an optional automatic oil replenishment technology aptly named Oil Attendant®, as well as Frymaster’s renowned patented FootPrint PRO® filtration system. All models, both gas and electric, have open frypots making it easy to safely access every inch of the frypot for cleaning. 
OCF30 Fryers mind the cooking so workers don't have to and safeguard workers by minimizing their handling of hot oil (less frequent oil changes, built-in filtration, and optional auto top off).

Outstanding Performance

Frymaster 30-lb. OCF fryers match the production capacity
of 50-lb. fryers.

40% Less Oil

A positive impact on your operating budget and the environment.

Fresher Longer

Fresh oil is essential to achieving the best possible appearance, texture, and aroma of fried foods.

10% Less Energy

New levels of energy efficiency deliver cost savings and
extend component life.

OCF30 Short Video
Learn more about the OCF30 benefits. Watch the video now!

Intelligent Control

The full-featured SMART4U®
OCF30 3000 controller minds both cooking and fryer operations.

Minimal Oil Handling

The Oil Attendant®
automatic top-off option, and
FootPrint PRO® in-cabinet
filtration keep the oil fresh
with minimal intervention.

Safety First

Safer frying, cleaning, and oil handling are all built in.

OCF Operation Videos 

See how the OCF30 works with our easy to follow operation videos.

OCF Guía de videos en español
Vea cómo los OCF30 trabaja con nuestro fácil de seguir videos de operación.

Manitowoc Kitchen Equipment of the Future presentations coming to a city near you!

Coming to a city near you...

Kitchen of the Future Tours

Starting this April, our touring live hands-on cooking seminar begins across the United States at our manufacturer representative group test kitchen facilities demonstrating the latest in Manitowoc Foodservice oven technologies and state of the art easyToUCHTM touch screen controls. Featuring live equipment such as the Convotherm Combi ovens and mini combis, Garland Induction cooking and Merrychef rapid cook dual technology ovens.
The primary objective of the Kitchen of the Future (KOF) tour is to showcase our channel partner markets with the latest technology offered by Convotherm by Cleveland, Garland Induction, Merrychef Planer Plume technology, Lincoln Impingers, Frymaster Fryers and Manitowoc Ice. Live menu demonstrations include grilled cheese sandwiches in the Convotherm mini combi; pancakes, mini burgers, steak, chicken, cheese crisps, fried eggs on the Garland induction griddle; varies sautés on the Garland induction cook top; and a variety of noodle/Asian dishes on the Garland wok. The griddle, induction cook top, and wok were conveniently all on one unit - the Garland Induction kiosk. Merrychef eikon® e2 and e6 showcased made to order, omelets, sandwiches and full meals with steak, chicken and salmon accompanied with a starch and a vegetable. Planar plume will be a key area of focus with the eikon controller features and benefits.
To participate in the next KOF event, call your local Manitowoc Foodservice Mfg Rep in the cities listed below. We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming KOF Events

• 4/24 - Minneapolis, MN - RSVP 800.852.0447
• 4/25 - Fargo, ND - RSVP 800.852.0447
• 4/25 - Cincinnati, OH - RSVP 800.492.7400
• 5/6 - Lexington, SC - RSVP 704.663.0036
• 5/6 - Harvard, MA - RSVP 800.225.5090
• 6/10 - Ashland, VA - RSVP 301.858.5058
• 6/11 - Middleton, WI - RSVP 800.733.5238
• 6/18 - Westerville, OH - RSVP 800.492.7400
• 6/25 - Grand Rapids, MI - RSVP 800.492.7400

More events on our Calendar