Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Purchasing a refrigerator for a Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

A Refrigerator is one of the most basic elements of your commercial kitchen. Buying the best refrigerator for your kitchen is very important to store the perishable goods so that you can serve your customers without any delays. There is a refrigerator or a fridge in every household but the refrigeration needs of a commercial kitchen are way more extensive and cannot be covered by just any refrigerator. You should be well aware of the characteristics of a good refrigerator before you go out to buy one for your commercial kitchen.


Refrigerators for commercial kitchens are usually larger than the ones used in households. A large sized refrigerator means that it is capable of evenly cooling the contents of the freezer. It is absolutely necessary that you look at a variety of models before you make the final purchase. You don’t want to end up buying a refrigerator only to realize later that there was a better model available in the market, so make sure that you have done your homework well.
If you need more space in your refrigerator then a model with smaller cabinets might be perfect for your kitchen. These cabinets are not only spacious but they also allow you to organize goods categorically inside your refrigerator which will make it easier for your staff to find the food items that they are looking for.
Make sure that you consider the available space when you buy a refrigerator. Buying a refrigerator that is too big for your needs will not only take more space, but will also consume more energy.

Energy Efficient

Commercial kitchen refrigerators are larger and more spacious, and therefore they consume more energy which will reflect in your already high electricity bill. Buying a refrigerator that is energy efficient will save you big bucks in the long run even if they cost a little more than other refrigerator models. Energy efficient models are usually highlighted by the manufacturers so make sure that you look for a model that not only fits your kitchen needs but is also energy efficient.

Low Maintenance Cost

Maintenance of a commercial kitchen refrigerator can cost a lot more than maintenance of a normal refrigerator, therefore buying a brand new model is always a wiser choice. Buying used refrigerator might seem like a better option in terms of savings but maintenance of used models will make them cost as much as a new model. The best way to control the maintenance cost is to buy a new model with warrantee. Make sure that you check your refrigerator periodically so that if there is any issue it can be resolved right at the beginning before it gets out of hand and costs you more.
Commercial kitchen refrigerators will prove to be an asset and will take you a long way in successfully running and organizing your kitchen. Fresher ingredients means better tasting dishes which will subsequently reflect in the success and popularity of your restaurant.

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