Friday, February 14, 2014

Manitiowc STAR Certified Service

Manitowoc Foodservice USA STAR Service Locator
STAR (Standards Training Authorized Responsive) Certified Service & Parts, a nationwide program which provides best-in-class service and parts, is validated annually with performance audits designed to drive continuous improvements within our service network. We are committed to your satisfaction by supplying reliable, responsive, and superior service excellence and parts availability. The STAR Program's cornerstones are:


You bought the best, keep it that way! It's your assurance you will receive the ultimate standard of service from trained technicians who understand your equipment to fix it right the first time. Our network utilizes a parts distribution model employing qualified professionals to distribute original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in your marketplace efficiently and affordably. OEM parts are critical to return you to profitable operations efficiently while maintaining your original equipment specifications, retaining agency approvals, ensuring employee safety, and preserving the warranty and lifespan of the equipment. Your 90 day service and parts guarantee is supported by our service agencies each providing liability insurance over $1 million. These standards are verified with annual audits focusing on 50 key indicators and are enforced contractually to provide you superior service.


Trained and equipped - ready and able! Nothing can replace factory certified, hands-on training. Annually we conduct over 600 training classes at 300 local training and testing facilities. Technician standards mandate training every 3 years which is validated with rigorous testing while their product knowledge is constantly updated with supplemental factory notifications and service bulletins. Training involves more than equipment repair. Our training programs include:
  • Customer Service (Communications – Before, During, and After the Repair)
  • Parts Management (Inventory – Warehouse and Field)
  • Service Call Administration (Dispatch, Troubleshooting, and Processing)
  • Equipment Installation (Infrastructure – Tools, Skills, and Resources)
  • Planned Maintenance (Requirements, Safety, and Specifications)
  • Operational (Product Quality, Safety, and Efficiency)
All of these programs ensure a rapid, accurate, and efficient repair driving a First Time Fix of your service call.


There are no shortcuts to STAR Certification!  Every technician and service agency earns their STAR authorization with each Manitowoc Foodservice Operating Company. Nationwide over 4,850 techs are on the road dispatched daily from the STAR Network's 400 Authorized Service and Parts Centers. Certification in the STAR Program demands minimum performance results focused on training, first time fix ratios, and inventory parts management with annual audits to ensure compliance. Each Authorized service provider is contractually bound to meet the standards of 50 key performance measurements protecting your operations. A STAR certified agency is a virtual extension of the factory itself. Rest assured you are getting the best service each and every time a STAR technician is on the job.


Responsive - we're on our way! STAR Service Agents know that you have a business to run and respond to your emergency needs in less than 4 hours. When you require service or parts, they make it their priority to get you up and running fast. Our trained professional service technicians respond ensuring a proficient First Time Fix repair.  Most of our 400 service centers are less than 50 miles from your facility to quickly repair your equipment with genuine OEM parts from the $500,000 of inventory in each local market. Every service agency is held accountable for maintaining necessary parts inventory; if a rare or obscure part is needed, express shipping is available. The STAR Program surpasses equipment repairs and includes expert installations, planned maintenance programs, and training services. We've got the talent, we've got the parts - we'll fix it 24/7.
The STAR Certification Program cornerstones demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction and ensure the network is capable and prepared to provide you the best in-class service and parts.

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