Friday, February 14, 2014

Manitowoc CONVOSmoker Combi Option makes smoking easy.

CONVOSmoker named smoking and the smoke flavor profile a hot trend for 2014. And Chefs are taking note while many top chefs are turning to smoking beyond the traditional proteins. Also contributing to the rise of smoking or smoke flavor profile, is American's love affair with Bar-B-Q/BBQ/Barbeque, no matter how you spell it or say it, Americans love it. All the regional flavor profiles, Texas, KC, Carolina, wet sauce, dry rub no sauce, rub and sauce make BBQ truly customizable and the wood to smoke the protein also depends on the region adding another layer of complexity. With all these options, it no wonder smoking and BBQ is a hot flavor trend. If you are not a traditional BBQ restaurant and don't have a smoker or place to smoke out, you might not be taking advantage of this trend -The CONVOSmokerTM
The CONVOSmoker combi option features a built-in smoker box which holds up to eight flavored bisquettes. A low watt heating element below the smoker box makes the bisquettes smolder and infuse the food with flavor. The CONVOSmoker combi oven provides all the benefits of smoke flavored foods without having to purchase a separate smoker oven. Ideal for fish, beef, pork, poultry, cheese, and vegetables.

Unique benefits of the Convotherm CONVOSmoker combi include:

  • Greater versatility compared to traditional smokers
  • Faster cooking times
  • Multi step and multi stage (steam, hot air, combi) smoke cooking
  • Overnight cooking with smoking feature
  • Ability to use steam in smoking recipes
  • Expands menu and offers a greater variety of foods
  • Offers precise and automated smoke cooking
  • No flavor transfer after cleaning cycle
  • One button smoking
Creating new smoked menu items or daily specials is now simple with the CONVOSmoker combi option. To learn more about this option click here.

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